Assist Police Arrest Criminals

Police officers are helping the people day and night without considering their family, and their motto is to save the nation. Hence it is the necessity of the country to protect them when they are in danger by enforcing the laws to protect them. National Police Association is a non-profit organization helping the supporters by educating them who are in favor of enforcing the law to support the police departments to achieve their goals. It brings attention to anti-police activities local and global wise through videos, banners, etc. They also assist the public in a way to prevent anti-police activities like imaging or taking videos of the incidents happening to the police officers and teach to help them instead of through educational campaigns.

They also guide the public to support law enforcement supporters. This association also has helpline numbers to make an immediate presence in emergencies. There are a lot of operations to carry out like assisting the officer, thank you program, etc. to motivate the supporters to reach the public in time and successful implementation of this helps to achieve the rewards. The above is the boosting program that helps in goal accomplishments.

Police Detective

Functions of this organization

  • Bring attention to anti-police actions and responsible for the chargeable actions against them.
  • Help the police officers to achieve their goals.
  • Encourage the social workers to help the police officers in terms of public interest.
  • Provides rewards for those who help the police in preventing and obstructing the actions which prevent them to do their functions.
  • Helps for effective law enforcement against anti-police activities.
  • Develop real-time information by creating public and private surveillance cameras.
  • Financial support to the law enforcement groups helps them to do their actions effectively.
  • Support provisions also in the means of social media and arranging the campaigns to spread and gather the people to fight against activists.