Structurely is a sales engagement platform that can help you with your real estate needs. It is an AI virtual assistant that can help you find your perfect property for sale with ease. So, if you require sales engagement platform an AI virtual assistant to help you in real estate, check out structurely.  Structurely has the capability of helping buyers and sellers with their properties, which includes everything from mortgage advice to home staging advice. Structurely is also capable of providing leads for specific properties, like new developments or luxury homes, and up-to-date market data about prices and trends in the area

Structure’s AI virtual assistant can answer any questions on its user’s behalf about their real estate needs, so they don’t have to worry about getting low-quality information or being sold something they don’t need.Structurely, a sales engagement platform is an AI virtual assistant for real estate agents. It’s designed to help agents sell more homes by doing the heavy-lifting for them.

What are the services provided by structurely?

Structurely provides easy-to-use software that helps agents create personalized marketing campaigns for sellers. It also tracks and analyzes agents’ marketing efforts to identify which message resonates best with each individual. Structurely is a sales engagement platform that integrates with CRMs and uses AI to provide insights about real estate agents’ interactions.Structurely is a sales engagement platform that provides sales teams with an AI-powered sales assistant to help them make the right pitch. Structurely provides checklists, tools, and best practices for each step in the process of selling.

By using Structurely’s AI-powered assistant, Sales reps can complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. They can also see their progress against certain metrics at any point in time through the mobile app interface. The company works with clients in different industries, but the main focus is on the financial sector. They provide their services for companies to help them sell more products by providing better customer engagement and collaboration between sales teams.

The platform provides many services such as:

  • Sales engagement: Structurely helps businesses identify the most valuable prospects and reach out to them, so they can generate more leads and close more deals.
  • Lead scoring: Structurely automatically ranks prospects based on the likelihood of them becoming customers.
  • Forecasting: Structurely forecasts a customer’s future behavior, allowing a business to predict their next purchase with high accuracy.
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Development
  • Sales Team Reporting
  • Client Management

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