cowtown express or Truckload Transportation Brokerage Service is your one-stop-shop for any trucking needs. They offer competitive rates and availability, so if you are looking to ship freight across the country or just across town, contact them today. Truckload transport brokerage service is a type of freight forwarding service. Truckload brokers provide their clients with the opportunity to search for and book trucking capacity that can be delivered directly to them or at a common carrier terminal that they designate.

Advantages of using these services

  • This type of brokerage has many advantages over other types, such as flexibility in scheduling pickup and drop-off dates;
  • access to trucks from multiple carriers;
  • ability to negotiate rates with more than one carrier without committing on one rate before seeing all offers.
  • Brokerages are the middlemen between shippers and carriers, making sure that shipments are delivered on time. These companies have to be willing to take risks for their clients, so you should find one which offers a variety of insurance options.
  • It’s also important to find someone who has experience in the industry to know how best to satisfy your needs. This is where truckload transportation broker firms come in handy. They’re able to connect with all sorts of carriers, big or small, and get your shipment on its way safely while still meeting any deadlines you may have. There’s no need for worry when you’ve got an experienced third party watching out for your interests with this service.

cowtown express

The Truckload Transportation Brokerage Service is affordable

It is a much better option than leasing or buying because it can save up to 60% in costs. You are not alone when it comes to finding ways to keep your business competitive in this tough economy, but with so many companies out there trying to find an edge for themselves, why not use one that has been proven time and again? Truckload transportation services are a great way to get the best rates on freight transport. This is because truckload brokers have access to more carriers and can use that leverage to negotiate lower rates, both for themselves and their clients. However, not all truckload brokers offer the same quality of service, so it’s important to find out what they offer in terms of customer service before you sign anything.