Learn How to Save Money on Ink Cartridges

Most companies, tiny ones, find ways to save money on ink cartridges. Believe it or not, no matter how advanced technology is today, the market is still not finding a simple way to reduce printer ink costs. In this article, you can learn more about getting around and reducing the cost of ink used in your business.

Have them refill

Once the ink cartridges are exhausted, please do not throw them away. There are several ways to save money by using empty cartridges. The first to be refilled will be discussed here and the other, recycling, later in this article.

You can bring empty ink cartridges to companies like Cartridge World or Costco to refill them. Of course, there is the cost of gas to consider, but this will help you save money, especially if done in bulk. Another way is to refill the cartridges yourself, which will be discussed later.

However, there is a downside because refills can destroy the ink head or the entire printer if they are not done correctly and if they are done often. If you want to choose a safe way, then getting discounts for your ink purchases would do just that. You can save a dramatic amount of money if you receive coupon codes or discounts from 123inkjets.

Do it yourself

In our current market, most people find it cheaper to do only some of the services they provide themselves. This includes refilling the ink cartridges. You can buy a refill kit and do it yourself. However, note that the refill set will differ depending on the printer model. It will also take a skilled hand to do this, as things can get messy.

Compatibility is the key.

Like medicines, ink cartridges have their own generic parts. If you really have a small budget, then why not buy from compatible Staples or Office Max ink cartridges instead of getting a branded one. Keep in mind that these cartridges are designed specifically for your specific printer model, such as a brand name, but usually cost less.


Another thing you can use is to recycle them. You can find many different businesses that have reward programs for recycling electronic waste materials. Some will reimburse you with a $ 3 credit or coupon just for handing over a cartridge.

Of course, nothing beats digitization. If you really want to save money forĀ cheap ink cartridges, you can always apply a digital-only policy in your business. It means that everything will be in electronic format, and nothing will be printed except those documents addressed outside your business.

Saving money can sometimes hurt you in the long run because there are really some disadvantages. The list above gives you some ideas on how to save ink cartridges, but you’ve already been warned that your printer might be confused.