National Police Association

In today’s world, where money has become the power, the most important thing for which anyone is ready to do anything that comes to their mind has created a toxic environment for all the people of general categories. The ruling people in the government are getting corrupted and work for money and establishing a sense of power above others, working in the interest of what gives them more power and money and not for the betterment of people in the nation and the national general. And it becomes problematic if there’s no one to raise their voice even after viewing all the wrongdoings. That’s why there is National Police Association(NPA).

What is NPA?

NPA is a non-profit organization that works for the public interest. It works against all the corrupted higher officials working for modifying their interests and ignoring the public interest. It does so following all legal procedures and keeping the law in mind. It is supported only by contributions made by the public.

When National Police Association discovers any illegal activities or violation of laws or ethical rules by anti-police politicians, it files a complaint. It reaches out to proper organizations to press charges and take much-needed steps.

It aims to educate law enforcement supporters on ways and means of helping the police department achieve the desired goals in the best way possible.

National Police Association

What has NPA carried out till now?

NPA has carried out various projects to make people aware and help people out by bringing anti-police politicians into the spotlight.

In the most recent case, when one police officer was found unconscious, and no one stepped forward to help them, instead of recorded videos and posted on Instagram, NPA carried out an educational campaign making people aware of how dangerous it can be for them and the struggling police officers when not helped and just filmed for mere social media attention.

In another scenario, it was noticed that the NPA worked for the safety of officers and the public and keeping the guidelines of law enforcement in mind. They had sent a letter addressing Donald Trump regarding the Baltimore Police Consent Decree, which was against the officers and public and was breaking the moral values.

Whether it is teaching the public to work with the police officers for betterment of the society and bringing down anti-police politicians or fighting for the rights of police officers, NPA has been there to fulfil all purposes and fight for what is right.