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Maintenance is essential for any mechanical part, to increase its life span. A well-maintained garage door causes fewer issues and also helps reduce your maintenance expenses. It is equally important from the safety point of view also.

  • The moment your door starts to make sounds when you open or close it, you should understand that there is an issue. Always give an ear to your garage door. Also, observe whether you can open it smoothly or it has any jerks. Check whether the springs and cables are in perfect condition. A door that is maintained well, will not have any issues when opening nor will it create sounds.
  • Check the working of your door’s balance. Counterbalancing allows the door to open properly and if this is not there, it could face problems. You have to release the opener and leave the door halfway and look for the balance. It should stand still and not move which indicates a lack of balance in springs.
  • You have to inspect the rollers at least twice a year. It may not need replacement very soon. Generally, it can be replaced once in seven years. This also depends on the usage that your garage door is put to. If you are using it multiple times in a day, obviously the wear and tear are more and it may need replacement earlier too. While inspecting, if you find that the rollers are cracked or chipped, they need immediate attention.

  • Make your tracks clean. The tracks should be clean for the garage door to move freely, so keep an eye on the tracks also. They should be free from rust and dust. Clean them regularly and if professional help is needed, do hire someone and get the job done. premier garage doors canada can offer expert help.
  • Lubrication is a very important part of maintenance. There can be problems in the door due to friction. The door has to move freely. The moving parts of the door have to be lubricated regularly to facilitate the free movement of the door. This is doable by yourself and does not require expert help. Once in a year or whenever you observe friction you can add a lubricant like lithium grease to the chain and springs. This can help the parts to remain good for a long time.
  • The lift cables of your door have to be inspected. These cables are high-tension cables and need to be in condition. You have to get them replaced as soon as you find something worn out.