Ted Farnsworth

Who is Ted Farnsworth? 

Ted Farnsworthis the co-founder of Zash Global Media and Entertainment and also the former chairman of MoviePass. He is a financier, film producer, consummate disputer, and entrepreneur. Ted, in his 35 years career, is known for turning the media industries on their heads. Ted is considered among one of the best strategic development experts and has built many companies. He is also good at public relations, direct response marketing, marketing, and consumer behaviour. He’s one good package of everything.

Ted has been featured and interviewed on many major publications and networks that include The New York, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, CNN, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, and Fox News. He is one of the best business tycoons around the world.

Zash Global Media and Entertainment 

The Zash Global Media and Entertainment network connects many synergetic apps, companies, studios, and sites that work together to derange the media and entertainment industry. The main heads behind the network are Jaeson Ma, Co-founder of Zash; Paul Yang; CEO Lomotif Ted Farnsworth co-founder of Zash; and Vincent Butta, co-founder of Zash. All of these individuals have excellence in their respective fields.

ted farnsworth moviepass

Zash is a 360° marketing ecosystem that is fueled by industry expertise and rich data. It uses modern technology and breakthrough models for creating and distributing personalized content for a wider range of targeted audiences.

Zash has successfully built up a proprietary influencer platform that will have a follower network of over 350 million views and 2 billion video views. Zach has formed a network that drastically reimagines today’s global entertainment market and also helps in combining talent with technology and resources. This allows rapid acceleration and growth in the dramatically changing environment.

Zash is growing with unbelievable speed. In early 2021, the company shared plans to merge with Vinco Ventures, an acquisition company that is focused on consumer brands and digital commerce. Ted believes that with this merger, the company will feel rapid acceleration in the growth of live streaming content, distribution and production, and video sharing.

The company currently aims at spreading the platform all over the world and increasing monetization with Lomotif. The company’s co-founder Ted Farnsworthhas future plans that aim to provide entertainment options that will cover all the areas of technology- phone, TV, internet, and digital media. This also involves bringing the older media into the age of the digital revolution.