fine balance between banking and Broadway

In the year of 2015, the David stepped down as a president of the company. Still now, he stays an active member, handling the number of customer accounts and also overseeing the relationships of bank too. In reality, he took a year off from the college in order to pursue his theater relationships in the NYC. Actually, the David Milberg has powerful bonds to the commercial in the world of theater Broadway. When he comes out of college freshly, the Milberg worked as a production assistant on a Broadway show called as Honky Tonk Nights.

Multiple talents of Milberg

In these days, the David sits on multiple boards for different firms, which involved with the arts and theater. He is also a trustee of the Princeton triangle club as well as a director of the prospect theater company. This is a theater troupe that persists to create the new artists and also bring the fresh quality shows to audiences while combating the racial discrimination in a performance world. Moreover, he is a distinguished supporter of the Lincoln Center Business Council and the Lincoln Centre Theater as well. Along with this work, he has also offered back to the society.

A goal of David Milberg

 David Berg gives back to his community

Apart from his professional practice and experience, the authority and contribution of David Milberg to non-profit sector stays significant. While he was at the Milberg factors, Inc. he supervised a lot of non-profit proposals, which prompted the credit by well-known foundations that include Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric. In the year of 2000, the bankers and accountants division of big brothers big sisters in NY respected him to salutation his enormous involvement to their organization. Further than his time as a president, he also stayed lively in a firm and running the banking relationships and managing certain client accounts.