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The United States is the dream place for most of us. People living in the United States are friendly, nice and loving. The beautiful country, with beautiful people around, does not want that. Living in the United States and especially on the coast side metropolitan is just mesmerizing. One example of this is Miami city In Florida.

Marc Roberts is known as one of the founders of the project of Miami World Center. While celebrating his greatest win for his upcoming development, his world center team recently sold a site to IRR Parkway Investments LLC for $26.78M.

IRR Parkway Investments is known to be co-managed by Ira Saferstein, the managing member and co-owner of Titan Capital ID, which is one of the real estate lenders in the market of New York City, along with Marc Roberts, who is one of the founders of the project of Miami Worldcenter. Roberts started his career as a promoter of boxing before jumping directly into real estate projects. With this, he became a co-founder and Art Falcone of the Miami Worldcenter. With the market downturn in 2008, Marc Roberts Miami has known to have continued to invest in Miami with new and exciting projects and acquisitions.

upcoming development

More about the achievements of Marc Roberts 

Marc Roberts is considered the sole hand behind his success and has packed his life’s 100 years into half the time. With a few people aware of his actual age, his impact on society is nothing but undeniable. The man is known to have sold, owned, and bought an appreciative percentage of the perfect real estate in downtown Miami. It is just that people are hardly aware of it in the present times.

He is behind the creation, co-creation, and inspiration of projects worth multi-million dollars that have breathed wealth, glamour, and life into the primary websites of Miami, which includes the Miami Dade College Museum of Art and Science, the new Federal Justice Campus, and new Federal Arsht Performance Art Center, the American Airlines Arena, and the Virgin Brightline Station.


The crowds of customers who reap the benefits of his visionary work are unaware of where it all comes from. Most people from outside his circle tend not to recognize his name.

Marc Roberts Miami is undoubtedly powerful, relentless, imaginative, and resourceful and prefers to remain nameless, even with the promotion of athletes and the development of the impossible in the field of real estate.