Top Safety application to safeguard your employees

For any of the industrial sector or the business organization, employee safety is most important. If there are no protection or safety measures for the industry, then they face a lack of human resources. To safeguard them and to monitor the well-being, you can make them install My Safety Buddy. It is much helpful for the people who work alone in an environment or an isolated area. They created this application with an intelligent team of security specialists and personal safety and is more cost-effective. Their primary aim is that every employee should reach their home safely every day. They are giving a 30-day free trial period and people can cancel it within that period. Later you can choose any of the plans like basic, or plus plan depending on your need and the supported future. For the premium plan, it does not have any free trial period.

My Safety Buddy

You should establish the safety buddy system to

  • Build a pleasant and comfortable relation between co-workers.
  • Develop confidence in your employee and welcoming the new employees with all safety protocols.
  • To decrease any of the external risks and to address any accidents immediately.
  • This application continuously monitors the staff and keeps them safe always. It is very simple to use and helps business executives to save more money by eliminating the manual check.
  • You can install this software on your mobile phone as they are scalable and highly configurable. The users should always on their location to predict their specific location during any emergency.
  • It suits all the business sectors irrespective of their organizational size and acts as the best strategic source for risk management.
  • Supports 24/7 mentoring and comes with a panic alarm. It sends the alert during any emergency to the user to take timely action. It comes with shake sensitivity, and if you wish to turn off them to avoid the false alarm, you can do it using the alarm cancel option.
  • The business executive can manage the employee network who uses this application in the web portal, and it even offers an easy welfare check-in and check-out facility.
  • It even has the option to record the video and audio automatically and send it to the emergency contact during the emergency.

It supports the customization option for the user and they can set their emergency contacts, ideal time, and much more. This application has the feature of incapacitated alarm, in which it auto-detect the movement of the individual. If there is no movement during the customizable period, then it will check with the user, whether they are Ok. When there is no response from the user within 5 minutes, then the app will send the alert notification to the user’s emergency contact. It is much needed for the person who is working in the chemical labs for extended hours.