Summer break is upon you, and you want to remodel your kitchen but do not want to shell out too much?

When it comes to kitchen décor, lighting and ventilation are the two most important factors. Getting these two right can go a long way in reinventing the look and feel of your kitchen. While ventilation must be taken care of during the construction, lighting can be changed with time. And this season is all about the Basement Remodeling Des Moines and www.zenithdesignbuild.com.

Up until now, overhead lighting was of primary concern, but under cabinet lighting, you can give an aesthetic touch while also providing visual clarity.

Why should I install under cabinet lightings?

Given below is a list of reasons that will convince you to opt for this lighting option-

  • Added Illumination- if designed and installed correctly, it can complement the usual lighting layout of your kitchen and will look great at all the dinner parties
  • Eliminates shadows- after it gets dark, the overhead lighting tends to cast a shadow on the workspace. With these LED lights, you can easily avoid the shadows
  • Ambiance- adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen and makes it Instagram-worthy. So you can have a few dinner dates right in your beautiful kitchen.


What should I look for?

Different lighting options are available in terms of color, size, power consumption, and lifetime.

Consider the following points before purchasing kitchen under-cabinet LED lighting

  • Voltage rating- like any other electrical device, ensure that these lights don’t consume excessive power and the voltage they will work. There are usually two variants- the high voltage (120 V) and the low voltage (12-24 V). There is barely any difference in terms of the brightness output.
  • Wiring- there are two kinds of wiring options- hardwire and plugin. Hardwiring involves connecting the main wirings inlaid, which can be used if your kitchen is still under construction. This is permanent. The plugin wiring can be used when you are installing lights after construction and are temporary fixtures.
  • Energy-efficient- ensure that you purchase lights that have good ratings
  • Ease of installation- if you want to install the lights yourself, then go for the simpler and easy designs
  • Cost- you can browse online for more variety and cheaper options