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Cannabis goes by many different names, including hash, skunk, and weed. Names tend to change from place to place. An important tip for people who know or work with consumers is that it is generally better to name a drug by name, rather than trying to use or pre-empting terms that the people themselves might use (even if you find out through discussion what actually calling it might be helpful).

In addition to the likelihood of loss of confidence (especially among young people), trying to use the same terms as clients can lead to confusion about which drug you are talking about; for example, some people may call the resinous form of cannabis “brown”. “But for others it is a term for heroin.


Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug. The Crime Survey reports that it was used by 6.8% of adults aged 16-59 in 2010/11 (about 2.2 million).

Need to Smoke Weed

Method of use

Cannabis is usually smoked in joints or joints (with tobacco) or just in bongos or buckets, which are popular with heavy cannabis smokers. A clipper or joint is essentially cigarette paper filled with tobacco. The cannabis concentrates is ground into this mixture (if the cannabis is a block of resin, it needs to be heated to soften it and crumble it). Then the joint is twisted and then smoked. Bongs are hookahs, while buckets are a more primitive version, and people often smoke pure cannabis (no tobacco) if it is smoked from a bong or bucket.

Effects edit

Cannabis induces a rapid intoxication that lasts for several hours. The effect of cannabis depends in part on the user; some users become happy, relaxed, and giggling, while others report anxiety, paranoia, and lethargy. It is not clear why, but the effects can vary greatly not only between different people, but also in one person at different times.

Some of the dangers of smoking cannabis are related, in particular, to mixing it with tobacco. Since tobacco is a carcinogen, it can cause cancer, which is one of the serious risks people face if they smoke tobacco.