magnetic screen door

If you’re living somewhere hot and humid, then you should expect that there will be tons of different kinds of bugs and pests wanting to go inside your home. That’s why it’s essential to have a screen door to keep these creepy crawlies out. But most of the time, having a permanent screen door installed on your back door can be very expensive and force you to use power tools. So if you’re searching for a cost-efficient way of keeping those bugs out, you might want to consider purchasing a magnetic screen door instead.

Magnetic screen doors are the perfect protection against bugs while keeping the air circulating within your home. So you can enjoy the fresh air while having some added protection. At the same time, you can come in and out seamlessly. So what are the other factors you need to consider when purchasing a magnetic screen door? Find out here.

magnetic screen door

Take Note of Your Door’s Measurements

When purchasing a magnetic screen door, you need to check the measurements of your door. Some brands come in one size only, while other brands can be adjusted and fit all door sizes up to 38″x 82″. One example is the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door, which you can fold and adjust according to the size of your door. So make sure to measure the width of your doorframe from the left side up to the right side, then measure the height of the door from the ground to the top of the doorframe.

What Kind of Material is Used

The next thing you need to consider when purchasing a magnetic screen door is the material being used. Fiberglass mesh is one material, which most people use because it allows ample air to come in and circulate around the room. Even though it’s a bit costly, these are durable. Another material is polyester mesh, which is more affordable compared to a fiberglass mesh. It allows more natural light to come in and is more see-through than a fiberglass mesh. However, since it’s not as durable, you need to choose a higher thread count to ensure its efficiency and durability.

What Kind of Fasteners it Has

Most magnetic screen doors come with multiple fasteners, which are used to keep the magnetic screen door installed in its location. But aside from these fasteners, they usually come with another kind of fastener, such as tacks and wind-resistant hasps. Magnets are a type of fastener used in closing the two sides of the screen door, and these are stitched to the hem to allow a more seamless close. The tacks are installed with adhesives on top and the sides of the door frames. At the same time, wind-resistant hasps are great for those living in a windy area, which you can use to close the screen door during windy days.