TheSoul Publishing

The digital market is expanding exponentially today, where everything is a digital experience—listening to songs, watching videos, streaming on OTT platforms, etc. With the introduction of the internet, a comprehensive platform to showcase talents digitally has given the users some unexpected yet relatable content, and it’s not something to stop in the future. People are it because it fosters them with unlimited opportunities and does all their chores in a fraction of time.

Since everything is on the route to getting digitised, media, a crucial part of our lives, also stepped in this process which is just getting better. When media companies and agencies create content with their professional writers and editors, media publishers (MP) deliver that media to the target audience. With digitisation, the reach has increased as the content can be provided through digital devices.

Briefing about TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing is a Cyprus-based MP that manages and operates some of the biggest YouTube channels and provides a blend of entertaining and positive content for a global audience.
Mentioning briefly about the history of this studio, it was set up in 2004 by Paval Radaev and Marat Mukhametov at Kazan as its initial headquarters.

TheSoul Publishing

What made this studio a raging success?

⦁ With the success of the YouTube channels and garnering views daily, TheSoul Publishing has become the most significant media production hub globally.
⦁ This company provides its diverse content in 19 different languages.
⦁ The company makes sure to try giving its viewers a satisfactory answer to their curiosity through easy to understand tutorials on any given topic—Do it yourself (DIYs), makeup hacks, fashion tips, etc.
⦁ The channels under this studio make sure to keep its subscribers engaged through quirky takes on topics relevant to any given age—everyday observations, silly pranks, insights on self-improvement, travelling, etc.
⦁ The content provided is robust considering the possible age groups watching the videos and other social media content.
⦁ In terms of influence in social media, it is the largest company in terms of viewership and engagement on social media platforms.
⦁ With blogs daily, the company makes sure the viewership and engagement are covered from every possible angle.
⦁ Apart from providing entertainment, the company also ensures job opportunities in video production (prop specialists, decorators), visual and sound design (illustrators, composers, beatmakers), editorials (editors, writers, proof-readers), etc., along with marketing, finance, HR, brand marketing, etc.