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For a CRM system to generate positive change in your business, its features must cover all activities that include customer interactions. This does not refer only to face-to-face interactions, but the CRM must consider all the forms in which customers come into contact with your company at all stages: before, during and after the sale with
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Advertising campaigns are just as important as the smiles you give your customers when they close sales and they leave the store. All activities must serve to offer the customer a personalized experience that makes them feel comfortable and that transmits their value for the company. That way after thanking your customers and inviting them to come back soon you will have a much better chance of seeing them again.

Here are some features of a CRM system:

  • Call management
  • Customer management
  • Service Problem Management
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Sales related activities
  • Management of champagne
  • Follow up on sales opportunities
  • Analysis and predictions
  • Archiving in database

As for the CRM packages configured specifically for sales, marketing or service actions, we find specific characteristics. For example, customer focus and automation can be configured to follow specific paths, support sales in the contact center and provide the tools to measure customer satisfaction. As regards the characteristics relating to marketing, sales activities and time management can be detailed and, moreover, the CRM allows you to analyze sales opportunities by generating real reports.

What benefits does this bring to your business? A simple way to summarize the benefits of a CRM system is to consider the improvement of the relationship with customers even if this is evident if we stop to reflect on the meaning of CRM, so it is important to understand how each feature of the software corresponds to an advantage for our organization, without confusing management with improvement.

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Here are some of these benefits:

Data analysis and management tools that will help to follow customer preferences and anticipate their needs, based on the excursus of their purchases and on market changes

Marketing automation helps create precise campaigns that are based on actual needs

Cost reduction thanks to the offer of a more effective after-sales support service

More time available to increase the number of customers and create a stable base for loyalty.

Increase in revenue due to improved relationships with customers, old and new.

The new software can be integrated with the existing company platform or with other previously installed software applications, such as ERP, SFA and e-mail management programs.

Streamline operations to increase competitive advantage and reduce costs

Increase customer loyalty, which becomes the main focus of the company

Customers can communicate their feelings to the company.