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In digital world today, there is just one thing that technology cannot replace and it is personal communication. Although virtual marketing has totally changed this game with rise of the social media, it cannot completely replace value of in-person sales and marketing, as explained by Smart Circle.

Establishing Brand Identity Is Important

Each brand has got his identity and many are recognizable and identifiable than others. For example, you may instantly spot Apple or McDonald’s ad through their color scheme, design, and aesthetic. There’re many ways to create the brand identity or image by marketing – which includes digital. The company’s website, presence over social media, and ads must create the cohesive design, which matches to your brand.

But, the best method to ensure that your customers recognize and remember your brand will be through the physical marketing. Most of the professionals agree it takes around 5 – 7 impressions before the consumer can recognize your brand. But, digital designs are easily overlooked by the customers.

Personally Present Your Product

Smart Circle

The highly effective methods to sell somebody your product will be putting your product to them & let them properly interact with it. The product demos or free trials show the prospects what your product or service does or how it will alleviate their points. However, conducting the product demo through Skype session or phone call does not compare to benefits of the live demo.

So, when you give remote presentation, you cannot always gauge the prospect’s real reactions—just consider how many times you mute your phone during the meetings and give your colleague a confusing look. Personally, the small interchanges are noticeable—and allowing you addresses hurdles when they arise.

Builds trust between your customers and company

Interacting personally is the strongest factors especially when it is about building trust in this relationship, particularly in the business. It reduces hesitation in selecting to invest in the company, product and service.

Offers You the Better Way to Interact

Many people like interactive content. So, nothing will get people involved with the brand like the real conversation, so when you have human face in the marketing strategy, many will feel like they know who they are talking or interactive to. Such comfort level not just increases your chances that they will purchase from you, however it can help to boost engagement in the social media campaigns.