In reality, the carpenter has many other tasks, which can vary according to the specialization. As we have already anticipated a little above, today the market requires the intervention of specialized carpenters, each with its own qualities and skills.

Each carpenter has his own wood and his tasks. Today there are different specializations for carpenters, a legacy of traditions but also the result of the needs of the new market. There are carpenters cabinet makers who mainly deal with the processing of precious wood, such as ebony and who are requested in a particular way in the field of furniture and interior design, therefore in the creative field. The inlayer belongs to the same area, who instead deals with the decoration of the wooden components. Then we can find the restorer, who instead deals with the processing of antique furniture, bringing them back to shine and erasing the traces of time. Finally, the everyday carpenter, who appreciates getting his hands dirty and who intervenes for any repair work, including handles and parquet handyman jobs in Kenosha.

Here we are at the aspect that, over the years, has undergone the greatest revolutions. Once upon a time, becoming a carpenter began as a workshop apprentice, worked for years under the protective wing of a master carpenter and then embarked on one’s own path. Today it no longer works like this, the carpenter, although he can still follow this path, often forms and achieves a specific qualification, or schools for carpenters such as the professional technical institute for crafts and industry, lasting 5 years old. At the end of the five-year period, the carpenter will be able to boast a professional qualification, in addition to the knowledge of some fundamental subjects for different facets of his profession, namely artistic drawing, technical drawing, plant engineering and industrial production techniques,

A professional and qualified carpenter has a large number of skills, already mentioned knowledge in mathematics and design, a latest generation carpenter must also know how to use the computer, and specifically software such as CAD and even graphics programs, in the case take care of decorations.