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Grab the foot with two hands and then pull them 10 times alternating between them. To perform the massage correctly, the movement used must be similar to milking.

Massage by trying the Indian technique. He grasps the foot with both hands, so that the two thumbs are in the center. Move your hands back and forth. Let the foot move freely during this type of treatment in different massage places in Denver.

Try pressing on the lower foot. It is a technique in which the skin and muscle are pinched (without creating pain) in order to stimulate them. Start by gently pulling your foot from the heel and ankle. Increase the speed and pressure as you go through the massage. Pushing the muscles, starting from the Achilles tendon towards the tip of the foot, will favor the expulsion of toxins. Always gently, proceed with this technique towards the calf. By massaging it, you will promote relaxation of the foot.

Rotate your ankles. She grabs the foot and pulls it up. With one hand, rotate your foot at the ankle. Perform 10 rotations in each direction.


Try to give equal attention to both feet.

Use a calm voice while doing the massage.

Massage gently and slowly to relax the other person, but increase the speed and pressure to stimulate.

During the massage soft background music and scented candles are very useful to create the right atmosphere.

Make sure the other person is relaxed and comfortable.

When wiping the other person’s feet, use a warm cloth to give them a pleasant sensation.

Look at the person you need to massage and smile at them. In this way you build trust and empathy that lead to a feeling of well-being.

After having finished massaging a foot, getting up and walking you will feel the distinct difference and pleasure in the foot just treated. Foot massage, if done before bed, stimulates rest, so it helps you sleep better. The next day you will have more energy and over time your general health will improve as all the organs of the body will be stimulated.