Maxi dresses: 5 tips to choose them and ideas for outfits

Maxi dresses
Written by Ralpha

They are undisputed allies because they give life to summer outfits without too much effort and they do not make us think so much about combinations, in relation to other garments.  They tend to be more fitted at the top and have a downward movement, with some models quite wide.  This makes many women feel that they “get lost” behind the Hello Molly dresses online, or that they do not benefit as much from this type of garment.


Must take into account:

The amplitude: if you are petite, the less wide models, which still have movement, will be a better option so as not to take the limelight.

Gender: textures make all the difference and can make the maxi dress totally appropriate for the context or just the opposite. This will also give us the guideline of the type of accessories that we should choose to complement it.

 the neckline: choose it depending on your body type but also on the bust and your preferences if you do not want to draw all the attention to this area, you can choose a less striking neckline in relation to other details that it may have, such as a print or another tone that is not in this area, or leave it in the background by opting for a belt in a more strident or metallic tone.

In any season one can find strapless, halter, necklines in U, squares and more so it is a matter of choosing the ones that favor and please you the most.

The prints: the dress does not need to have prints but if you choose them they should be related to your texture to project a harmonious image.

The prints can be all over the dress, be combined or be in one part and leave the other plain.  If you feel that the part without stamp does not stand out as much as you would like, incorporate an accessory or choose a model that has some detail in that area.

personal style: not only define the model you choose but also how you are going to accompany it in terms of hair, make up and accessories.  It is interesting to go for something new if you feel like it, but never in such a way that it stops reflecting your essence and who you are.

You can encourage less frequent combinations by incorporating accessories such as headscarves or headbands;  other garments for example long pants under the maxi dress or combining textures a satin dress with white sports shoes and various colors throughout the outfit for example, complementary colors to be the center of all eyes.