Richelieu dennis

An entrepreneur is one person who has gained a lot in life. No one becomes something in life or gains something in life without effort and hard work. One has to give it their all to achieve something in life. Each person has to give up something that can be major or minor to achieve something else bigger. Richelieu Dennis is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has achieved a lot with a lot of hard work and time. Like any person, education is important Richelieu Dennis completed his graduation from a business school Babson College in 1991. From college itself, Richelieu Dennis did not waste any time and started working on various issues. Richelieu Dennis believed that some skin and hair care issues are not being addressed by the skincare market and, companies. So, he along with his college roommates worked to address these issues. This was the beginning that led him to go further think about the needs of people concerning skin and personal care.

Richelieu dennis


It may seem that entrepreneur’s life is easy once you see them successful. A successful entrepreneur has their share of challenges to go through to reach where they are now. The various challenges an entrepreneur has to face are:

  • Management of cash and its flow
  • The hiring of employees for their venture
  • Management of time
  • The process of daily task distribution
  • Deciding what will be sold in their venture
  • The strategy behind marketing about the venture
  • The money needed to start the venture that is starting capital
  • The problem in managing everything within the budget
  • The planning of when and how to grow business
  • Constant doubting self when something goes wrong

These are not all but some of the major challenges not one but all entrepreneurs have to go through some time or other to become successful. Success takes a lot from a person. It affects one’s both personal and professional life. If one feels that since one is building their career it will only have their professional life, then this is not true. One’s career can affect one’s personal life to a great extent as well. It is not at all easy for any person to build their career, let alone start anything of their own. It takes a lot of time and is a tough thing for anyone. But those who achieve anything must be appreciated.