Telugu movies on the aha app have something for everyone, whether you want to laugh or cry, get upset about the situation or just enjoy the ride and sing along with the music. Telugu film directors tend to balance comedy and drama well, as they are often inextricably linked in real life.


Telugu movies transport you to an alternate world. You’re immersed in a world populated by larger-than-life characters in situations so fantastic you wonder if any of it could ever happen in real life. You get drawn into their lives, whether it be a small boy with a magic feather, an aspiring film star or a river goddess.


Telugu movies are just plain fun, with sometimes insane comedy and grand production values. Action films like Khaidhi were the fastest selling movie in India and had great production values


Telugu movies are a celebration of the best things in life

Telugu movies celebrate the best things in life: family, food, love and friendship. While the movie plots may be crazy, you’re still swept along by the characters’ emotions and find yourself investing in them emotionally. You feel happy when they’re happy and sad when they’re sad.


Let’s cover some amazing movies.

1- Kaidhi – It covers the unusual twists that happen on the eve of the release of a felon. Watch as he traverses the world of drugs to meet his daughter on the night of his release from prison.

2- Color Photo – This is a fresh take on a Telugu romance between boy and a girl. See how two engineering students never cross each other’s path but are fated to meet and be together for eternity.   

3- DJ Tillu – Watch the funny life journey of Bala Gangadhar Tilak, also known as DJ Tillu. See how his life changes when he meets and falls in love with Radhika.

4- Odela Railway Station – This thriller brings out the rustic vibe of rural India. It follows the adventure of a police officer who is faced with the uphill task of nabbing a serial killer on the loose in the previously peaceful village of Odela. 

5- First Day First Show – This is a fun watch that manages to invoke nostalgia from the 90s and early Y2K. You can watch it for the amazing performances by the lead pair, a good dose of humour, and music by Radhan.


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