Top Reason to Choose Veeam to Backup Ms Office 365

Disaster Recovery
Written by Ralpha

There are many businesses that are moving to Ms Office 365 has increased tremendously over last some years. Email backup hasn’t just become a very important part of IT; however they are the most significant ways to make sure better business continuity. Unfortunately, it is the most neglected practices.

To know why email backup has become quite important, it’s perhaps important to know what backup is: “Backup is independent copy of the data that is restored if source system and service is not available, one such solution is veeam backup.

Data can be restored is a key phrase – and it isn’t much about the backup like it is about restore capability. In the business setup, you have to restore the complete system, user account and individual emails. Therefore, it is important to have better and updated Office backups. Here are some reasons why consider Veeam backup solution:

Disaster Recovery

  • Eradicating duplicate files: Despite collaborative function, employees make duplicate files for different reasons such as sharing outside the department or outside the domain. At times, they may accidentally delete original version of a file when trying to totally get rid of the duplicates.
  • Accidental deletion: Suppose they get notification of running out of the space, they may clear files just by removing the documents that are not important and old to create more space. They may delete some old emails that may have important attachments and data. This type of data will get lost forever till they backup Ms 365 data.
  • Legal & compliance requirements: There’re eDiscovery capabilities that are built in Ms Office 365, but third-party app backup solution is built to search within the backup & bring back your data to meet regulatory compliance requirements.
  • External threats: Ransomware has become quite sophisticated, and even criminals are finding ways to reach users as well as deceive them in clicking the link that encrypts whole organization’s data for the ransom. Backup will restore data to instance before an attack.
  • Malicious intentions: Any disgruntled employees might sabotage and delete important files. At times, till the damage gets discovered, it will be very late to recover or revert it. Ms Office 365 backup solution has multiple iterations, thus making it simple to restore for you.