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Those who have never smoked cannabis will not be able to tell the difference between smoke from a regular pipe or joint and one from a bubble bong, but there’s no denying that it gets you higher than other ways of smoking would. Visit website to learn more.


When you find a bubble bong you like and want to use, it’s time to learn how to use one. To do this, you will need to know how much cannabis and water you should put in the bong.


The first step is to measure the cannabis and put it in enough water so everyone can fit their mouth over the pipe’s opening when it’s complete.


If you want higher doses of THC than with a joint or pipe, then you will have more cannabis in your bong, so the next step is to cut your cannabis with scissors and use a marker pen (or coloured marker) to mark where your portions go. If you want an even higher dose, then use less cannabis in each portion. You can adjust it to your desire to get the highest possible dose.


Once you have your cannabis marked up, then put it in the bong water. If you’re smoking with friends, you should ensure everyone gets their fill of the bong before taking another hit.


When the bong is not being used, it should be stored upside down so that no water gets on the stem, as it can cause some nasty things to happen – like getting a bad taste from your weed and not being able to draw any smoke at all!

Bubble bongs


Then all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy (maybe with some snacks).


The type of content that you include in your bong is up to you, but for starters, I recommend either a combination of leaf and bud or just flower. You can use bubble hash and ketamine in your bong, but it’s not recommended because it can get quite pricey, and bubble hash isn’t easy to come by unless you’re able to make it yourself.


Once you’ve finished smoking (when the bong is empty), put the bowl back on the stem and put some water through so that all of the ash gets cleaned. This will ensure that the smoke flowing through your bong has less chance of getting any nasty ash taste.


Once you’ve learned how to use bubble bongs, you’ll be ready for any occasion. There are some great outdoor places where you could take your bubble bong to get high on nature – like a park or even the countryside.


You can also take your bubble bong to a party or a festival and spark interesting conversations by telling people how it works. Some of your friends might get quite interested in learning more about bubble bongs, and they may even try one out the next time they see one. The more people who know how to use bubble bongs, the better it is for us all, as we can help spread the benefits of cannabis instead of promoting alcohol.