What are all the services that immitranslate offers?

Document translation
Written by Ralpha

Whenever we move to a new country, the language factor is something that affects us a lot. We all know that there are thousands of languages in this world, and we can’t learn a new language whenever we move from one place to another. Therefore, the immigrants have to face a lot of issues due to a lack of understanding of the language of a particular country. When it comes to documents and the perfect language in it, the problem becomes immense; therefore, you should try some website that can easily solve your issues. There are different websites in the market that offer these services, although you won’t get an equal level of services everywhere, that’s why you should only choose the best one. When you search for the best website for document translation, immitranslate pops up at the top-rank in the list. Immitranslate helps you to translate all your important documents with best-quality results. Their main aim is to reduce the gap between different languages, and help the languages of the world to come closer. Now with the help of immitranslate, you can easily translate all your important documents without any worry of mistakes and language barrier.

Document translation

Advantages of services of immitranslate

They offer various services to all the customers including certified translation, notarised translation and business translation. They are also specialized in USCIS translation, ECFMG translation, and IRCC translation. They are experts in the industries like immigration, academic, government, financial, legal, mobility, medical and many more. Their services help you to translate all the documents from birth certificate, and legal contract to business contracts and passport. They offer translation of documents in all the formats including scan files, PDF files, photos and digital documents. Their pricing is quite affordable for everyone, as they only charge $25 per page for 250 words, and you can also get notarization, physical copies or even an apostille of the document.  You can even upload the document electronically and everything in the document should be clearly visible. If you’re facing a problem with finding a scanner, you can even clearly click a perfect picture of your document, and upload it and they easily translate your document. All your documents are secured with them because all the communication is encrypted at immitanslate, and you don’t need to worry about security concerns. It’s a good opportunity for you to translate your document at an affordable price and in full safety.