carpet flooring in Fayetteville, NC

One of the most controversial debate in the industry of housing and interior, would be carpet v/s hardwood flooring. There are multiple factors that determine the decision of a homeowner. The popularity of each varies from place to place. For example carpet flooring in Fayetteville, NC is extremely popular, meanwhile hardwood flooring is more popular in places such as New York, Chicago etc. This article discusses some of the factors that influence the decision of homeowners.

What is the difference between carpet flooring and hardwood flooring?

The first and foremost factor in any homeowner’s decision is budget. Speaking from a price point, investing in hardwood flooring is definitely a much larger investment as compared to carpet flooring. Apart from the price of the floors and tiles in itself, the cost of installation also differs greatly for the two of them. The cost of installation of hardwood floors is almost the double of the cost of installation of carpet flooring.

However, certain homeowners do not choose either of the two and many times decide to opt for a combination of the two. Many people opt for both of them and get a combination of the two for different rooms and parts of the home. Since many homeowners have different choices it becomes a very difficult job for interior designers to suggest only one to their clients. The main criteria becomes quality. Hardwood floors definitely supersede carpet flooring when it comes to quality. They are made out of pure wood so they obviously act better than plastic and artificially made carpet flooring. Maintenance also acts as a big factor. Everyone knows that carpet flooring is extremely easy to maintain whereas hardwood flooring requires special attention and care. Not only do they need thorough cleaning and dusting but also need professional chemicals to clean them so as to avoid scratches and marks.

As a homeowner, one of the most interesting part of buying a new home, is the opportunity to decorate it. Decorating a space as personal as your home, allows you to express your creative personality and helps you to express yourself. Flooring plays an integral part and that is why it is extremely important that honeowners do their research before investing in any option.