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As part of Veeam Backup & Replication, What is Microsoft Veeam? This is the first question to rise inside you. Microsoft Windows platforms can be protected, migrated, and converted natively with Veeam’s full range of protection and recovery capabilities. As well as protecting endpoints, physical servers, failover clusters and other Microsoft Windows workloads, Veeam Backup & Replication goes beyond typical data protection scenarios.

Backups of windows servers are reliable

With the many possible configurations of Microsoft Windows Servers, ensuring timely and reliable backups can be challenging. What is Microsoft Veeam? And how the Veeam’s solution makes this easier.

  • Veeam Agents can be organized, automated, and deployed at scale in tailored, flexible protection groups that reduce deployment and management hassles.
  • Combine change block tracking (CBT), parallel disk processing, and storage snapshot integrations to reduce production impact and run server-extensive data sets faster.
  • Flexibility is key to making sure your data is protected, from bare metal to apps and files down to the smallest piece. Veeam has what you need.

Endpoint-based BaaS

veeam software

It is essential to ensure employee productivity by ensuring endpoint backups are sent directly to the cloud. This is especially crucial for remote offices and home offices.

  • By using Veeam Cloud Connect, backups can be securely sent to a cloud repository and subsequently retained according to your organization’s requirements.
  • Whether backing up to the cloud, caching on-premises, resuming paused backups, or other flexible options, your endpoints are secure with Backup to the Cloud.
  • Make backups easier with Veeam Service Provider Console’s remote discovery, deployment, and policy configuration.

Mobility and instant recovery: Cloud-migrate or recover physical workloads with ease while still retaining the ability to restore to new hardware if needed.

Backing up in an application-aware manner: Provide consistent protection and advanced explorer recovery by capturing an application’s ideal state and combining transaction logs.

On the go with laptops: A laptop-friendly backup solution like Veeam provides image-based backups, built-in caches, and wizards for recovering files.