Examine For Moisture When Buying A New House

Several items should evaluate while shopping for or acquiring a new house. Along with other things, you should ensure that the house’s construction and foundation are solid and secure, that its electrical components are in good condition, as well as no plumbing issue

Another area to check for is dampness, which might lead to harmful mould and mildew.

When seriously contemplating the purchase of a property, you want to ensure that the house (particularly the underground) is free of dampness.

Moisture in the home may trigger the formation of moulds and mildew that may be hazardous to your health and bring serious difficulties that require a time commitment and financial resources to resolve. The first and only way to ensure the humidity inside is to have the residence thoroughly tested for the development of any dampness. Moisture is often undetectable without a concrete moisture test that involves any of the following tests:

Contour Mapping

The contour mapping software displays the moisture content of the whole floor plan.

Thermal Imaging

Using temperature variations thermal imaging camera detects moisture accumulation inside walls. However, this can identify ceiling leaks, prevent mould growth, locate water leaks, and identify moisture accumulation behind walls.

Calcium Chloride Test

This test can calculate the amount of moisture released by a concrete slab.

Hood Test

This test detects the moisture content above the bottom of a concrete slab.

Core Testing

This testing entails drilling a section of the cement block and submitting it to a lab for analysis. The results aid in determining whether or not specific pollutants are in the slab.

concrete moisture test

Signs of a moisture problem in your new house purchase

Moisture can go unnoticed for a long time, causing health problems and expensive repairs. It is critical to evaluate your house for symptoms of moist which to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Musty Odors

Musty scents indicate moisture damage result of bacteria and mould development that thrives on moisture absorption in a dark, chilly environment. Mold spores might pose a respiratory threat if left alone for too long, and the afflicted area may begin to show apparent indications of decomposition.

Dark spots on the walls or ceilings

The emergence of black patches on surfaces, floors, and other structures is another evident symptom of water leaks or the moisture present. Water may produce visible darkening of building materials when it seeps through them. Mold and mildew development can look like dark or black blotches on numerous surfaces.

If you feel that the floor (or any room) of the property you are considering buying has an enormous and unsafe quantity of moisture, speak with an expert to complete the necessary moisture tests. If humidity is detected, you may be allowed to ask the present owners to make the repairs before finalising the transaction.

ATTAR offers high-quality, precise moisture screening to clients across Australia.  They are certified by International Concrete Repair Institute or ICRI certified and can undertake optimum moisture analysis on any surface. Whether you are worried about the humidity levels in your present home, a house you are considering buying, or your business premises, you can book a consultation today.