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Know what Alexei Orlov beliefs

The founder of MTM company

Founder and President of MTM alternative worldwide, could be a tested-and-tried professional in international selling and business leadership. With intensive expertise spanning fifty brands, forty countries, and thirty years, Alexei Orlov has designed a name in delivering highly targeted media optimization and complete activation. What are the key insights from Orlov? The first insight is …

Women bra tape

How to choose the right bra for you?

Women will always like to dress neat and attractive so that they would love themselves in front of others. Reason behind every modern and look concerned women would be different and they wanted to look perfect no matter what. Wearing bra in day to day lives has become more common whatever be the type of …

Brilliant Entrepreneur

Alexei Orlov: An Entrepreneur’s Most Important Strategy

Author and President of mtm decision around the world, before turning into a business person, being crucial for Volkswagen’s top Leadership Team, Orlov led the organization’s business greatness in the Chinese division. Orlov was co-liable for the brand’s respectability and advertising for the association’s key brands. Brands in Volkswagen’s portfolio that profited from Orlov’s showcasing …